Senior Level Attention

  • Broad-based, relevant experience in investment banking, M&A, private equity, business ownership, C-level corporate management, and entrepreneurial ventures provides unique perspective
  • Quickly get to key points/issues
  • Understand complex situations and subtle nuances that make huge differences in outcomes or success
  • Focused and committed
  • Limited clients at any one time
    • Your transaction is very meaningful to us
  • Accessible and easy to work with

Global Access

  • Access to and knowledge of complementary resources required to complete virtually any transaction
  • All potential types of potential capital providers:
    • Private equity
    • Corporations
    • Family offices
    • Venture funds
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Banks and non-bank lenders
    • Deal Professionals (Attorneys, Accountants, QofE Firms, Diligence Specialists, Insurance)

Superior Execution

  • Know how to get deals done
  • Understand that process and details matter
    • Take the time necessary to understand the business
    • Really understand client transaction rationale and goals
  • Custom-tailored processes
    • Based on client goals and market assessment
  • Full-service — we do heavy lifting with appropriate client input
  • Best-in-class selling and presentation materials
  • Access to necessary resources to manage and execute process